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Brooding and unsettling teaser for the Thriller “the Inheritance”

Fit poster, a lot of personnel and, in fact, the teaser of the film “Inheritance” (Inheritance) is at your service.

This full-length debut of Director and scriptwriter Tyler Savage. And it seems the rookie wants immediately forcefully assert themselves. If you believe the presented video, the picture promises a psychological drama rich in suspense, mystery and blends in the Thriller. Savage turns to the theme of family roots and the dark past of the goods that may accrue to you from parents.

The synopsis doesn’t seem something new:

Ryan Bowman has just inherited a beach house worth $ 2.5 million on California’s Central coast from his biological father, a man he never knew and believed long dead. Arriving in the charming town of with his pregnant fiancee, Ryan’s trying to learn more about the father and about himself. Gradually he begins to feel the vague presence of his real family, this state sustains it. Ryan pushes adoptive parents and even the bride. Finally opens a terrifying truth about their roots, however, may be too late, and the terrible history will repeat itself again…

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Something similar you’ve seen or read. And still sounds interesting, I think. This is a difficult subject and relevant at all times. Pull her debutant Director? Well, let’s hope.

Caste is not that interesting, but if not so bad. Starring chase Joliet lit up in the independent drama “Krish”. Sarah Montes is known for several TV series like “criminal minds”. Dickie Dale — the lovely actress who played in the drama “Winter’s bone”, for example, and a wide range of viewers known for her role as a daytime prostitute Patty in the TV series “my name is Earl”. Also of caste, you can highlight , drew Powell, having a regular role in “Gotham,” and Krishu Fairchild, Krishu of the above-mentioned scene of the drama.

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What will come of all this, is not yet clear, but some curious feeling, and most importantly, a busy independent film still exists. Stills and teaser as a hint.

“Legacy” needs to find its audience this year, but the exact release date yet to be announced.

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