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Brewing green tea in Chinese without ceremony can not do

Заваривание зеленого чая по-китайски: без церемоний не обойтисьImportant rule – do not brew the tea leaves in cold dishes: first rinse the teapot with boiling water, then poured loose leaf composition in amounts of 0.5–2 teaspoons one portion of the drink and then pour hot water. But after 15-20 seconds the water is drained – thus, the dried leaves are steamed and washed at the same time. After the pot re-fill with slightly cooled boiling water, the temperature of which by this time reaches the ideal temperature is 85-90°C.

A maximum of 20 minutes tea is ready to use. There are varieties, which is about five minutes. When a particular grade require some special conditions of preparation, on the package it is said. Also help tips tea consultant. But the General rule is: to avoid bitterness, the prepared drink is poured into a serving kettle, and the contents of the teapot and leave until next time. Yes, if the green tea, the leaves can be used multiple times. And with each subsequent brewing, the taste changes. To understand these nuances – a special style. In addition, such properties of the product provide the space for creativity to anyone who wishes to learn or to develop their own methods of brewing.

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The perfect material for tea ceremonies remain porcelain, clay and glass. To contents time to cool down, use dishes of small capacity. Here the Barista has to act slowly and carefully so as not to spill a drop and not break the cups. Therefore, brewing green tea looks pompous and ceremonial. The same applies to the tea parties that are gently applied to the bowl, as if making a secret rite of initiation. Certainly, the tea leaves still hides many medicinal properties which modern science does not even know. However, the whole Chinese medicine, where tea infusions have a special place also keeps a lot of secrets.

Заваривание зеленого чая по-китайски: без церемоний не обойтись

The benefits and harms

In moderation, the drink is harmless, but people with problems of the cardiovascular system is recommended to add a Cup of milk, reducing the effect of the alkaloids and caffeine. For the same reason the cores do not recommend drinking green tea in the heat. People with chronic heart disease should consult with your doctor. From the point of view of chemistry, tea extract – biologically active substances such as honey, coffee or grapes, so the reaction of the weakened disease organism to product is unpredictable. The same applies to children. The rest of the drink will only add to health.

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