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Braava jet m6 is a great robot for wet cleaning

Many manufacturers equip your robot vacuum cleaner function wet cleaning. However, in most cases, this implies only a cloth fastened to the body, and periodically wetted by the user. Agree, this is only for show in the specification, but not for ease of use. IRobot did not experiment with creating hybrids, and develops two directions in parallel. Recently the market received the innovation model for dry cleaning iRobot s9+ , which we wrote, and in this article I want to talk about Braava jet m6 – the buffer, which copes with wet cleaning and does not require constant attention of the owner.

Jet m6 Braava comes in a small cardboard box containing the robot, charging station with tray, power cord, detergent, documentation and a set of napkins for wet and dry cleaning (2 reusable microfibre and 4 disposable).

Braava jet m6 has a square case size 27x25x9 cm, made of white plastic. Weight 2.2 kg. the Front bumper is spring loaded in the center of which is a nozzle for sprinkling water. The top includes a fluid container with a volume of 385 ml, covered with lid, and on the corner there are three control buttons: “Clean”, “Spot” and “Home”. For orientation in space, the cleaner uses the IR sensor and the camera.

The robot moves on two wheels with little suspension travel, which, however, enough to overcome thresholds and carpets for him to get and not necessary. Pair of contacts located behind and along the perimeter are sensors that control the height difference is below Braava did not fall down the stairs. Instead of the suction holes, the bottom is the mounting of napkins, and a special sensor allows the robot to determine what nozzle is installed, and select the corresponding program.

The base of the polisher is very light and compact, so despite the presence of the rubber legs can sometimes move during Parking of the robot. The pan will not allow the wipes to ruin the laminate, a detachable design is convenient for cleaning.

To interact with Braava is most convenient via a mobile application. Connecting to a smartphone takes a couple of minutes, after which the robot with a human voice reports that he is ready to work. In the settings you can set various options of cleaning: a thorough, intensive or long-lasting, as well as to adjust the level of liquid consumption: less for laminate and more for tiles. If the robot gets lost somewhere in the apartment, you can force him to give the signal. In the help section contains detailed instructions on caring for Braava: the change of napkins, cleaning the pan and wash the container.

Polisher utilize a proprietary navigation system vSLAM, which creates a virtual map of the apartment. This feature helps the robot to plan the optimum route, and user to define zones, in which the robot is forbidden. When the plan is complete (it usually takes about four cleanups), you can divide the room into the room and assign cleaning each of them individually. The application maintains detailed statistics harvest, including harvested areas and the elapsed time.

A very useful feature – housekeeping schedule: simply assign a time and the room in which the robot will wash the floors. For example, I have a place at that time, while I’m at work, so I come home always to a clean apartment. To start the process you can just press the large Clean button on the main screen, and if connected model for dry cleaning, you will be prompted to first execute e, and upon completion, will automatically begin to work Braava.

To control the robot using voice commands or Google Home Amazon Alexa. Suffice it to say “Braava wash in the living room”, and the polisher will go to work. Another way of interaction – manual mode, which can be useful for local cleaning: just put a robot to contamination and click “Spot”. Press “Clean” is useful if you do not have a smartphone, a “Home” if the robot get stuck somewhere. However, the work schedule is the most convenient, in my opinion.


Prior to operation, the polisher needs to be charged, which takes 2 hours. After that, you will need to choose the type of cleaning, and to fix the appropriate cloth. If dry is selected, the robot will not spray water and dust will be collected by electrostatic electricity, but I trust more a problem of the classical robot vacuum cleaner. For wet, pre-fill the container Braava cocktail of water and complete washing means. The latter gives a pleasant fragrance and helps to dissolve stubborn dirt. The mixture does not leak, the tube has a rubber gasket, which it is important not to lose. One container is enough for 4-5 cleanings with the average consumption. With the same frequency is required to change or wash cloth.

The principle of motion of the polisher is significantly different from the conventional robot cleaner. Braava is trying to go around all varsanyi coverage. Finding a straight stretch of floor, the robot splashes in front of him a little water, passes through the formed puddle, then stops, backs up to 2/3 of the distance, thus, double-wiping fluid, then re-sprays and the process is repeated. Reaching the obstacles, the robot goes around it, pulled out into another straight stretch. Battery lasts for 1.5 hours, and the speed is 0.35 km. m per minute. It’s nice that Braava runs almost silently, and only during the splashing water you hear a small buzzing.

Polisher to cope with their responsibilities very well: the footprints, drops of milk or coffee, dried mud not able to prevent the robot to achieve a clean flooring, and only with particularly complex contamination in the form of spilled paint, can cause him trouble. In other words, everything that you can to scrub with a MOP, wash and Braava. Interesting, but the design does not provide vibration of the nozzle, which would make cleaning even more effective. After buffing, the floors remain moist, giving a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.


Braava jet m6 – great tool, which proves that wet cleaning with the help of home robots can be Autonomous and efficiently, removing even dried dirt. User-friendly app helps to run a cleaning schedule to assign cleaning floors in a certain area. The polisher will be a great addition to the robot-vacuum cleaner, removing dirt, which latter is not to handle. Thanks to the tandem jet m6 Braava and Roomba s9+, I was able to completely forget manual cleaning. Unfortunately, for all the good you have to pay, and this time it’s a whopping 44 600 rubles in the official store.

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