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Box office USA (22 – 24 September 2017): got To America “friend Request”

And so it happens. The German horror film “friend Request” in the Russian hire has been more than a year ago, while cinemas in the United States reached only last week. And started from the seventh position in the top of the box office, that’s probably not so bad when you consider that in America tend to watch mainly American movies.

The leader of rolling out the film “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, the starting charges which amounted to about $ 40 million, and that was enough to move to the line below the horror “It”. The latter, however, things are still going well – in the Bank of the film, Andres, Mosketti already over 266 million dollars cash in the United States. Although it still doesn’t make it the highest grossing horror movie in history.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1Kingsman: the Golden ring39,0039,0014003104
3LEGO Ninjago The Movie21,2421,241404770
5Visiting Alice3,3122,343268512
7Friend request2,402,40125739,9
8Bodyguard killer1,85Of 73.596203730
10Windy river1,26Of 31.658143111
…14The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil0,71101,09768215
22 …The dark tower0,22Of 50.37835860
…34Blue abyss0,03744,2815565,5

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