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Bollywood Rambo got a poster

Recently we wrote about the Indian remake of the horror film “Oculus,” which should be out very soon. But as it turned out, to stay on that bollywood is not going, and the next victim suddenly became the classic action movie “Rambo: First blood” 1982.

Well, what? Hollywood can churn out remakes, reboot and stuff, both on American films and foreign, and the Indians can’t? In the end, in the United States are planning to restart “Rambo” — whether in the form of new franchises, whether in the form of a television series. However, Hollywood is planning a bollywood do.

Relieves the Indian ‘Rambo’ Director Siddharth Anand, who joined not so long ago, from comedies and melodramas to the dashing action… Comedy and romance. And, well, dancing, of course.

The main role will be performed by 27-year-old actor , tiger Shroff, who also celebrated a couple of romantic Comedy hits. The guy is handsome as Vishnu, but for the poster tried to be as harsh and brutal. It seems that even happened. Not Sylvester Stallone, but like anything like that.

The budget of the remake is 1 billion rupees, that in recalculation for dollars equal to $ 15.4 million. Interestingly, the original “Rambo” was filmed in about the same amount (well, excluding inflation).

And it looks like it is on the basis of the first film, “First blood”, builds his story of the Indian blockbuster:

The last surviving member of an elite secret unit of the Indian armed forces returns home to discover that the war now goes on his own land. Driven into the dangerous jungles and icy mountains of the Himalayas, he begins the slaughter and destruction, once again turning into an unstoppable killing machine, which he did during his service to the Motherland.

Bearing in mind that the First Blood was first and foremost a dramatic Thriller, and then action, even a little bit scary to imagine that there will avertat in the sense of melodrama. And yet, let them play. Maybe the result will come out something funny?

Shooting a bollywood Rambo will start in February 2018.

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