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Body horror REPLACEMENT will be released in Russian cinemas!

Us edition of memory, it is always nice to know that a particular horror film, which we wrote and told you for a long time, attracted the attention of Russian distributors. Even more pleased that this time talking about the movie belonging to the subgenre of “body horror”. The painting is titled “Replace” (Replace), got into our field of vision in 2016, CAN get into the home rental.

I write “may” because we are talking about the release of a small company, so still a hundred times is able to change the opening date is tentative and no guarantee that the premiere will take place on this really, no one gives. And yet.

Distributors of AKM not that pleased with the large releases in large numbers, but some notable projects to boast of still can. In 2017 they released in Russia military drama “Anthropoid” in 2016, scored a good Thriller “Come with me”. Among genre releases distributor you can remember as “Agoraphobia” (2015), “2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom” (2014), “butterflies” and “Resurrection” (both 2013). In General, all the hardcore – indie horror game from indie distributors.

The film itself, the recall of canadian-German production. One of the main roles in it was played by “icon” of horror Barbara Crampton – fans with the experience remember it is still in such films as “Reanimator” (1985), “from the Outside” (1986) and “puppet Master” (1989).

“Replacement” is a story about how…

A young woman catches a rare disease and begins to age rapidly. However, she soon realizes that it can replace its old skin with the flesh of other people, which helps her keep her beauty.

If your distributor does not change, the Russian audience will see this movie

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