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BMW was established in Munich automotive scanner

Компания BMW установила в Мюнхене автомобильный томографThe system includes the four robots.

The word scanner many connected with the study of our body. However, a similar device invented for cars.

The founder of the new technologies was the company BMW. Necessary equipment (for which, incidentally, left a year) is set in one of the research laboratories of Munich.

The system includes the four robots working in tandem (emitter and receiver). Their task is to verify that the connection components of the vehicle.

This is thousands of virtual sections in different parts of the machine. In the end, you receive the whole x-ray of the car with all the discovered problems.

Experts note that the violations in technology for even the smallest transactions can lead to problems in the inner joints. Therefore, imaging can identify the weaknesses without destroying the car.

The next step is to add the scanner module of artificial intelligence. He is capable of automatically, without human intervention, to identify the detected defects.

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