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“BLACK MIRROR”: Love is the system (TRAILER)

The trailer of the episode “Hang the DJ” (Hang the DJ) looks like a typical romantic Comedy, but it’s “Black mirror”! Must be a catch.

As you can see a promotional video of the fourth season are very heap. Series called the Black Museum describes the place where the quality of exhibits collected a variety of horrible and violent events. Crocodile talk about the subjectivity of memory, and Arkangel will tell about where can get excessive protection.

In “Hang the DJ” at first glance, it’s pretty fun and cute, people are looking for the perfect pair, and that’s fine. But in the case of woven technology as well as imagination of Charlie Brooker, so I am curious, what will turn this stuff.

The Director of the episode was made by Tim van Patten, actively worked on such famous series as “the Sopranos” and “boardwalk Empire”. The main roles are played Georgina Campbell (“One night”), Joe Cole (“Purely English murder”) and George Blagden (“Vikings”).

Still waiting when will announce the release date of season 4. Netflix keeps the intrigue.

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