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Black / death metal band from Greece Prometheus releases debut album

“What does not kill us makes us stronger” said Nietzsche, but I think that the Greek God Prometheus, who, according to legend, many years tortured because he gave people fire, was with the German philosopher agree. Modern Greek black death metal band Prometheus was also close to death, but in the end labored suitable debut album, which received the name of “Consumed in Flames”.

Some time ago two members of the band got into a terrible accident on a motorcycle, but discipline and perseverance helped the guys cope with all the difficulties, and the fruit of these efforts was impressive (I have listened to and approve of) debut. Check out one of the tracks and you can:

The album will be released on 28 April 2017 on the label “Katoptron IX Records”. The track listing and cover art included.

  • The disgusting tongues – 6:49
  • Hand of War – 5:21
  • Seth (instumental) – 2:24
  • Vulture All Black – 9:19
  • Prometheus Rising – 6:05
  • Hatesworn – 6:58
  • Consumed in flames – 6:58
  • Hand of War (instumental) – 5:21
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