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Biathlon: Germany won the mixed relay at the world Cup in 2017, Ukraine rounded out the top 5

Биатлон: Германия выиграла смешанную эстафету на ЧМ-2017, Украина замкнула топ-5The German biathletes won the first gold medal launched in Hochfilzen 52nd world Championships.

Olena Pidhrushna in the first phase took four spares that Ukraine rejected the 16-th position with almost 40 seconds behind the race leaders. Italy, Norway and Austria located in the intermediate top-3.

Picked up the baton to Julia, Jim has returned to Ukraine in the lead group. The leader of the team used one spare round and finished the stage in seventh position with a 35 second gap from the intermediate favorites. In the top 3 at the end of the female part of the mixed relay
located Germany, France and Italy. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sergey Semenov in the third stage there were no additional rounds, but Ukraine kept the seventh place, lagging behind the prizes only for 10 seconds. Efforts Arnd Peiffer of Germany before the last stage fell away from Italy for 21 seconds. The rest of the pursuers were lost to this Duo almost 50 seconds.

At the last stage Schempp Simon calmly managed to maintain his lead and brought Germany its first gold of the world championship. Martin Fourcade lifted France to second place, Anton Shipulin of Russia earned the bronze. Dmitry Pidruchny brilliantly ran its own stage, however, is a formidable company only one fast and accurate shooting was not enough to claim the medal.

Championship of the world. Hochfilzen. The results of the mixed relay:

1. Germany (Hinz, Dallmeier, Peiffer, Schempp) – 1:09,04.4
2. France (Chevalier, Dorin-Habert, Fillon Maillet, M. Fourcade) +2,2
3. Russia (Podchufarova, Akimova, Logins, Shipulin) +3,2

5. Ukraine (Olena Pidhrushna, Jim, Semenov, Pidruchny) +35,6

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