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Bet USA to Ukraine Zelensky

Ставки США на Украину Зеленского

The experts assessed the future US actions against Ukraine, led by Volodymyr Zelensky.

Special envoy of the us state Department, Kurt Volker gave his first public comment on the U.S. engagement with the new Ukrainian government. As expected, an authorized representative of the United States continued to develop a “line war”, despite key changes in the Ukrainian establishment.

According to Volcker, in Kiev can not fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements for the reason that Russia is allegedly “not fulfilling his obligations”. Thus, the special representative of the state Department once again reiterated the trite phrase that “Moscow has occupied part of Donbass”, adding to that the recent decision of the Kremlin to simplify the inhabitants of the DNI and the LC the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship.

Walker noted that Moscow does “extraordinary provocation” and expressed confidence that the people of the region would not get a Russian passport. However, he noted that the United States can take a decision on non-recognition of Russian passports issued to the people of Donbass, tying the past here and in previous years the certification of residents of the Crimea.

Walker also stressed that Washington would continue to supply weapons to Ukraine, noting that “Kiev should have the right to self-defence”.

Further commenting on the specifics of the American sphere of influence in Ukraine, head of Ukrainian center for political studies and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky suggested that the prospects of Mr. Walker in Kiev today is not entirely unambiguous. First, the special representative of state Department has lost in Ukraine, its main ally, to whom was Poroshenko. Second, the White house is wary of the former Ukrainian government. In the end, the set of these factors may result in the replacement of Volcker to a new player on the Ukrainian field, says the expert.

At the same time, it is understood that Walker expressed not the personal position and the official view of the state Department. Regardless of which figures will continue to oversee the Ukrainian direction, the strategy States will remain unchanged, concluded Mr. Pogrebinsky.

The head of the Center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko believes that Republicans in the U.S. begin to push the Democrats from the Ukraine and are still unable to take responsibility for the events in the Ukrainian region.

According to mister Ishchenko, the US strategy in Ukraine is unlikely to change, even if Kurt Volker will soon be removed from his post. The political scientist believes that Washington would gladly have left the unprofitable America from a financial point of view of Ukraine but this step will seriously hit the international authority of States, so the Americans, anyway, have to continue to oversee the Square.

In the next few years, the position of the United States of America to Ukraine will be reduced to the following: it’s business as usual. Washington does not offer new options, because they fear even more deeply bogged down in the issue of Ukraine, and the United States are now more focused on trade confrontation with China. Partly for this reason, while Walker remains in limbo, said Rostislav Ishchenko.

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