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Bestsellers of Hollywood and other books on the films of the 1990s

Caution! This material is able to induce uncontrollable fits of nostalgia for the “dashing nineties”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Don’t know how anyone, but during my childhood VCR was a thing not every family could afford. In the early 1990s in my class could be on the fingers of one hand to count the children, whose house had a “video recorder”. While local television without a twinge of conscience, spit on all there copyrights, easily twisted pirate videocassettes. Nightly. And, of course, in our town had their salons, where for a small fee showed the video hits of the time. And still much of what I really wanted to see – see had not worked. Not that salon visit or purchase videotapes were very expensive, but… you Know, in those years, sometimes difficult to feed themselves because their parents often paid with long delays and inflation sometimes galloped a monstrous pace.

Books were more accessible. Books were very many. The market is plentifully poured foreign literature, sometimes in terrible journals in terrible translations (and, of course, no one is fooled by copyright), but in such large numbers that five or six years of domestic authors did not have any opportunity to publish under their own names. Max under foreign pseudonyms.

Then, and launched a series of “Bestsellers Hollywood”, which along with some really translated authors published these people as “Arch Stranton” and “Arthur Quarry” (actually both of them is a Moscow – based writer Ivan Serbin). And for boys like me – for those who have not had the opportunity to see all that I wanted, book series “Bestsellers Hollywood” and others, like her, became a great replacement. And sometimes in these types of publications across books on film, which did not exist – for example, the Arctic Thriller “Predator 3”!

Specifically for the Zone Horror today I rummaged through my library, found the same legendary edition and photographed their movie covers, both front and rear (because in the “Bestsellers of Hollywood” in one volume published usually 2-3 pieces, so that both sides of the cover made as a face). At the time the pictures were very high quality, and now many of them produce, I think, a very pleasant experience. Although sometimes the illustrations were just stills from a particular film, such as happened to the novel of Thomas Harris ‘ “silence of the lambs”.

Friends and comrades, and tell me, have you ever read any of these books? If they liked you then, like now? Do you remember those days, and screenwriters Scranton and Quarry?

And Yes, by the way, my library still the bulk of this vintage book-rarities. So if this collection will gather many comments and views – puzzled and photograph more)

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