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Belorusneft increases oil production in Ecuador 2 times

«Белоруснефть» увеличила добычу нефти в Эквадоре в 2 раза

The state-owned company Belorusneft increases oil production in Ecuador. It happened after the Belarusians drilled 4 new wells. On this portal said the head of the foreign economic activities of “Belorusneft” Andrew Bohan.

«Белоруснефть» увеличила добычу нефти в Эквадоре в 2 раза

In 2013, Ecuador had established a subsidiary “Belorusneft”, JSC “Service oil Ecuador S. A. Aquaservis”. From March 2015, this company is under contract with “Petroamazonas” performs a complex of works on production optimization, enhanced oil recovery and exploration in the field, the Armadillo.

At the end of last year, production was at the level of 270 tons per day. To increase production almost in 2 times was due to the four wells drilled in 2019.

“Since the beginning of the year the volume of daily oil production increased by more than 200 tons. Now in all ten wells we mined per day 500 tons,” said Bohan.

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Recently Belarusians have drilled 10 wells at the field the Armadillo. Despite the fact that this facility is new and therefore high exploration risk, all wells drilled in Ecuador, the Belarusian oilmen, came to efficient operation. Therefore, this production growth is estimated at “Belorusneft” as a great success. The success of the entire team of geologists, seismologists, engineers working in Ecuador and Belarus.

This year “Belorusneft”, as the previous one, I think it is important from the point of view of development of oil fields in Ecuador. In 2019 it is planned to drill two more wells and complete the construction of the entire ground infrastructure for the preparation of oil and water on the Deposit of the Armadillo. The depth of the wells drilled in Ecuador, up to 3.5 km.

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It is fair to say that the preservation of the Belarusian company production levels in Ecuador at current levels, the annual volume could reach 182 thousand tons. In Belarus, Belorusneft annually produces about 1.65 million tons of oil and two oil refineries processed about 18 million tons of raw materials.
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