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Belarus pushes specialists with high qualification, and attracts the low

Беларусь отталкивает специалистов с высокой квалификацией, а притягивает с низкой

Experts note that a uniform distribution of income, which is progressing in Belarus, pushes professionals with high qualification, and attracts low.

Беларусь отталкивает специалистов с высокой квалификацией, а притягивает с низкой


As explained at the conference “Reshape 2019 – Framing the Future of Belarus” senior lecturer of the Belarusian state University Mikhail Chepikov, there are forces pushing from the country’s labour force, and force retractor: someone is leaving because he wants to leave his country, and someone because it seeks to go somewhere specific.

“For example, migration from the Baltic States – is the force of the retractor. In the EU there are available jobs, good salary, all this attracts. The situation with Ukraine when its citizens left the country is the buoyancy force. People who leave Belarus to Poland, too, strangely enough, more buoyancy,” said Mikhail Chepikov. According to him, there is a perception that social inequality in the country is very bad. Supposedly, it is much better when there is equal distribution of income.

However, there is a pitfall. In terms of international migration the country with a uniform distribution of income, pushed people who are qualified and involve people with low skills.

That is promising highly qualified personnel, which could achieve great things, leave because they can not implement themselves. And low-skilled professionals who could not afford to provide sufficient social guarantee in their countries, on the contrary go in countries with even income distribution.

The problem is quality, not quantity

As noted by Mikhail Chepikov, in Belarus a more even distribution of income than in other neighbouring countries.

“That is the problem is not how many people left Belarus, not the quantity of migration, and its quality”, – concluded the Professor of Baku state University.

The consequences of the fact that we are now losing good footage, Belarus will only see then at a later time. And although life expectancy is increasing and the number receiving higher education, while no one is saying what the quality of this life and what is the quality of education, said Mikhail Chepikov.

“You can finish school and University and you can become an expert. In Belarus, the emphasis is on quantitative indicators, not qualitative”, – he said.

What leave is bad for business owners

Director of the international holding company “Polimaster” Lyudmila Antonovskaya agreed that Belarus really is a problem with the outflow of qualified specialists.

“The problem is that the quality of those employees who remain in Belarus, has been steadily falling. All qualified trying to leave, and come low-skilled”, she said.

Lyudmila Antonovskaya noticed that the area where she works, connected with the science, so its companies that is the outflow of personnel from the country, it is a problem.

“It’s bad for the country and for us business owners, that skilled personnel go abroad. But for employees it’s good, because we begin to fight for them,” said Lyudmila Antonovskaya, noting that in Belarus you can find interesting well-paid job.

“The good news is that Belarus has enough companies looking for qualified employees and are willing to pay them. I believe that Belarus should develop the hardware sector and it, these areas will give people the opportunity to realize themselves,” – said Lyudmila Antonovskaya.

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