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“Behind the wheel I am the goddess”: funny jokes about unpredictable women

"За рулем я богиня": смешные анекдоты о непредсказуемых женщинахFunny jokes will keep you amused.

Women are beautiful and unpredictable.

They inspire men to great deeds and manifestation of the most noble feelings. And each of them knows their value and did not question their own uniqueness.

Published jokes about the most charming and attractive, who doesn’t like it. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

— Why don’t you get married, you don’t offer?
— I have many times proposed to get married!
— Well, who, for example?
— Mom and dad.

Two friends:
— My son wants me to buy him a bike!
— I have moths in the closet waiting for me to buy her a new coat!

— I damage to rented.
The fortune teller work?
— No. At the supermarket, date the expired goods interrupt.

The Gai officer stops the car, driven by a blonde:
— Your rights!
— Do not take them, please! I have such a nice photo…

— Young man, you spit on all the people and cheeky
blocked his posh car all the way to the bar?
— I have no car.
— Sorry! I had a better opinion of you.

— The error must be corrected!
— Right! So I been five times married.
How’s it fixed?
Not yet.

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