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Behind the scenes of “Leather face” (VIDEO)

We were given the opportunity to reinvent the franchise.

So say the creators of the film “the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface,” which, as you know, will be a prequel to the original film directed by Tobe Hooper.

A few days ago it became known that the master of horror died, so the continuation of his series, leaving this year becomes another mourning color.

How created a new “Massacre”? In the following video you can see the process of filming some of the scenes, and to hear comments from Directors Julien Maury and Alexander Bustillo. In addition, the mini-interviews gave the actors Lilly Taylor (the Conjuring) and Stephen Dorff (“blade”), played in the film one of the key roles.

During the years prior to the events that later became known as the Texas chainsaw massacre, the family of Sawyer already was infamous. When the daughter of a local Sheriff has been found dead, suspicion fell on the younger Sawyer. The boy was sentenced to forced psychiatric treatment.
Ten years later he kidnaps a young nurse and escapes from the hospital with three other patients. Hunted by the authorities, including the vengeful Sheriff, a young Sawyer stands in full of the tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a real monster — a legend by the name of leatherface.

So, “the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface” will meet the audience already on September 21.

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