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Became known why Android smartphones charge faster than the iPhone

Стало известно, почему Android-смартфоны заряжаются быстрее, чем iPhoneFaster charging is one of the advantages of Android smartphones that like to brag about their owners.

On YouTube posted a series of clips showing how quickly charged Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, compared to the iPhone 7. In one video, the replenishment of the “Apple” of the Communicator took an hour longer than the Galaxy S8+.

The possibility of quick charging — a useful feature that allows you to fully charge your device for a small amount of time, which is extremely important for the gadget, which is always on and regularly used.

You may notice in the descriptions or on the charger of Android smartphones is an inscription “Fast charging”.

Fast charging technology developed by Qualcomm. Support of this technology implemented in some processor models of the manufacturer.

The technology Qualcomm Quick Charge is charging the battery at a higher voltage, thereby achieving acceleration of the process of charging smartphones.

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While a standard 5 volt charger iPhone allows you to use 5 watts of power with a current consumption of 1 ampere, the power given to the battery 9-volt charger Quick Charger is 15 watts with a consumption current of 1.67 amps. Some models of chargers capable of delivering output voltage 20 W at of 1.67 amps.

Many models of Android smartphones equipped with Qualcomm processor with support for fast-charging technology.

However, not all Android devices offer the possibility of fast charging. Only certain CPU models Qualcomm Snapdragon Quick Charge support. Typically, such chips are equipped with top-end smartphones.

In the mobile Apple devices missing the fast charging option, since they work on the basis of proprietary chip company, for example, the flagship iPhone 7 uses the a10 processor.

If we assume that Apple will continue to use the processors And the company will need to develop its own technology fast charging. Currently, this functionality is missing from the processor or the smartphones of the Corporation

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To speed up the recharge time battery iPhone possible with the help of chargers for iPad, but the charging process won’t be as fast as the Quick Charge.

Output voltage charging for iPad is 5.1 V with current consumption of 2.1 amps, allowing you to use 12 watts of power. But even this is significantly less than 15-20 watts of power delivered Quick Charger.

It is not excluded that support fast charging will appear in the models of the new generation iPhone, as some rumors have hinted

According to a report by reputable analyst from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, all iPhone models that Apple will introduce this year, will get support fast-charging technology. The company has not yet confirmed officially this information.

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