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Became known, who in Ukraine are the highest wages

Стало известно, у кого в Украине самые высокие зарплатыHow Ukrainians earn and how to get more.

By the end of the year in Ukraine, the average salary will reach more than seven thousand hryvnias.

This forecast was made by the government.

The most highly paid profession today: workers in the field of air transport, Finance, insurance and IT-schnick.

How Ukrainians earn

In Ukraine as of April, the average wage reached UAH 6407. Traditionally first place in the list of highest paid sectors is air transport. This reads the data of the state statistics. Thus, on average the employees in this sector earn 26 874 UAH (since the beginning of the year, the average salary decreased by 2%). More than 12 thousand earn financiers and insurers, and more than 11 thousand of IT-specialists. The smallest wages of couriers and postmen – 3419 USD. Doctors and social workers earn 4572 hryvnia, and workers canteens – 4677 hryvnia.

As they say HR experts: the main reason for finding a new job – low wages. By the way, as the results of a survey portal 59% of respondents already have a job, but consider other proposals, 21% were unemployed but actively seeking employment, 16% work and not looking for other options, 5% – not working and not looking for work space.

The highest average salaries in the capital. The average here earn 10 788 UAH, in the second place – Donetsk region (7 332 UAH). Less likely earn in the Ternopil region, only 5152 hryvnia.

How to earn in the areas of:

Vinnytsia – 5631
Volyn – 5311
Dnipropetrovsk – 6440
Donetsk – 7332
Zhytomyr – 5404
Transcarpathian – 5680
Zaporizhzhya – 6389
Ivano-Frankivsk – 5705
Kiev – 6578
Kirovohrad – 5464
Luhansk – 5171
Lviv – 5922
Nicholas – 6183
Odessa – 6062
Poltava – 6181
Rivne – 5452
Sumi – 5548
Ternopil – 5152
Kharkiv – 5848
Kherson – 5456
Khmelnytskyi – 5519
Cherkasy – 5614
Chernivtsi – 5160
Chernihiv – 5324
Kiev – 10788

As predicts the Ministry of social policy, by the end of 2017 the average salary in Ukraine will reach more than 7,100 UAH (increase for the year in this case, it will reach 37%). Next year, according to the budget resolution, this figure could rise to 8629 hryvnia, in 2019 – 9540 hryvnia, and in 2020-m – 10 of 537 USD. Also expected the growth of minimum wages. So, the government plans next year to increase the minimum salary for 523 of the hryvnia, in 2019 the minimum wage will be at the level of 4,173 USD, and in 2020-m – 4425 UAH. We will remind, in the beginning of this year the minimum salary was raised twice – from 1600 to 3200 hryvnia. Following indexing of the minimum wage is expected next year.

How to earn more

HR-expert Alexandr Bilous am sure that the majority of Ukrainians can find the opportunity to earn extra money for their own profession. “Teachers can earn by private lessons, doctors moonlighting in the private clinics, skilled workers, like plumbers, podrabatyvala, making in-home services. Hairdresser, manicurist. Journalists, for example, can write lyrics for money for non-competing publications,” – says the expert.

In addition, Belous advised to seek ways to monetize their own hobby. “If someone is good at drawing – to sell the paintings, not only to give. If someone makes jewelry – there are sites where you can implement it,” advises Alexander Belous.

Every Ukrainian in addition to their main profession, can study new “expertise”, says the founder of the training center “Cashflow Ukraine”.Alexey Polovinkin. This may be an accounting service, a psychologist. The best option, says Alexei Polovinkin, to develop your own training and sell it online.

“To sell their “expertise” via the Internet. Here there is the difficulty that many do not know what to do, afraid to show themselves. Saying that I’m not the expert. Then you need to work on self-esteem. It can be live, or make your own course to sell online, then it works 24 hours a day,” says Alex.

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