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Became known, when more expensive fare in Kyiv subway

Стало известно, когда подорожает проезд в киевском метроIn the Moscow metro named the two main reasons are higher prices of electricity and raising the minimum wage.

In the Kiev subway explained the plans to raise fares higher electricity prices and raising the minimum wage.

This is stated on the website of the KSCA.

The authorities intend from July 15 to raise prices for travel in the Kiev subway from 4 to 5 hryvnia, and ground transportation from 3 to 4 hryvnia.
The head of Moscow metro Victor Bragin recalled that last year, for the first time in 15 years, the Kyiv metro has a profit.

“However, because we are independent factors, namely the growth in electricity tariffs 4.6 times and the company in the category industrial, we again received significant unsustainable losses,” he explained.

As other causes in the metro said that the increase in the minimum wage salaries to 3.2 thousand.

According to Braginsky, changes in the cost of travel will only ensure the functioning of the capital’s subway at its current level.

He stressed that, according to experts, a reasonable tariff for transportation of 1 passenger subway is now at 6.64 cents, and planned cost 5.68 cents.

However, the city proposes to change the fare on the subway in proportion to the current tariffs for 1 hryvnia.

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