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Became known, when electric cars dramatically cheaper

Стало известно, когда электромобили резко подешевеют 12 to 15 years electric cars will become cheaper than vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The development of new technologies will significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

By about 2030, new electric cars are on average cheaper than cars with petrol and diesel engines. This forecast was voiced by Bloomberg. The main reason to reduce the cost of electric vehicles Bloomberg experts call a huge investment in the development of lithium-ion batteries. As we know, batteries are the most expensive part of electric cars. In the battery started to invest big players in the market.

In the example of the project of the concern Daimler for the construction of a huge factory to produce batteries for $558 million of Similar projects have other major companies. In particular, the progress in this field show the Chinese Corporation. According to forecasts of Bloomberg, the global production of lithium-ion batteries from 2021 to 2030 will double.

The decline in the price of batteries for electric vehicles is already noticeable. In 2012, 1 kWh cost an average of 542 dollars, it is now just $139. Also, do not forget about the development of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen fuel cells.

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