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Became known the code names of AMD 2019

Стали известны кодовые названия процессоров AMD 2019 годаResource Informatica Cero managed to get the slides on which the company’s plans are disclosed in more detail.

This year AMD has contributed to the revival of the market of processors for desktop PCs, releasing a powerful CPU and 7 Ryzen Ryzen Threadripper. The chip maker has repeatedly stressed that the architecture of Zen and its development in the form of Zen 2 and Zen 3 — a long time — at least until 2020 and the “growing” a 7-nm process inclusive.

Resource Informatica Cero managed to get the presentation slides from AMD, which the company plans to provide more detail. On one of the images shows the names of processor families 2019 — Matisse CPU for desktops and Picasso APU for desktops and laptops. They are based on different architectures: CPU, named after the French artist of the XIX–XX centuries. Henri Matisse, the Zen use a core 2, and hybrid chips “Picasso” — core Zen first generation that will be inherited from Raven Ridge.

Стали известны кодовые названия процессоров AMD 2019 года

In the desktop segment, AMD will first release a series of CPU Pinnacle Ridge with a higher level of performance than the current Summit Ridge (Ryzen 3/5/7), with the same or similar crystal structure. Connector AM4 promises to be long-lived: for it will be produced at least two next-generation processors. However, the current motherboard AM4 may not be appropriate for Matisse and Zen 2 — for example, due to incompatible chipsets, as in the case of Intel Z170/Z270 and Core of the 8th generation (Coffee Lake).

The emergence of APU Raven Ridge platforms AM4 and FP5 was originally planned in the current year, however, AMD failed to cope with the task of updating the range at the time. In the Arsenal of hybrid next-generation processors include up to eight threads (respectively up to four cores) Zen and a maximum of 11 multi-processor clusters Vega (704 Shader GCN 5th generation). Picasso will add regarding Raven Ridge by improving the ratio of performance-to-power.

In the segment of corporate solutions AMD is preparing to introduce next year the 7-nm processors with the architecture of Rome 2 and Zen graphics accelerators Vega 20 that were previously duchcova option Vega 10, but according to VideoCardz, this is just a “Refresh Vega 10” to 12-nanometer process technology. Platform for servers and possibly the workstations will get the update lines PCI Express 3.0 (8 GT/s per line) to 4.0 (16 GT/s). Range of workloads will expand towards the AI, and the software component evolyutsioniruet to support ROCm 2.1.

Стали известны кодовые названия процессоров AMD 2019 года

Another slide taken by online Informatica Cero, illustrates the advantage of the older mobile processor AMD a series Ryzen 5 Pro (Raven Ridge) on a competitor to the Core i5/Kaby Lake. According to Sunnyvale, these chips have the same idle power consumption, and more importantly, Ryzen 5 Pro bypasses the opponent and in Cinebench, and 3DMark 11.

Стали известны кодовые названия процессоров AMD 2019 года

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