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Became aware of how expensive “grocery basket”

Стало известно, насколько подорожала "продуктовая корзина"The cost of the food basket amounted to nearly fifteen thousand.

This year in July fell for the first time the cost of the minimum food basket.

Experts of the Economic discussion club said that in July this year the cost of minimal food basket for able-bodied Ukrainians amounted to UAH 1 421, and for people who lost working capacity – 1 086 hryvnia.

According to statistics for the previous months of this year, in July, the first time was a reduction in the cost of the minimum food basket.

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“In absolute terms, in July compared with June, the cost of a set of products of the minimum basket has decreased for able-bodied citizens on 124 hryvnia (8%), and for disabled Ukrainians – 98 UAH (8.3 per cent), — experts say.

According to them, reducing the cost of the food basket was due to lower prices for seasonal vegetables and fruits. For example, the cost of vegetables and melons fell by 37% (62 UAH), fruits and berries fell by 24% (50 UAH), potatoes decreased in price by 24% (19 UAH), eggs fell by 16% (3.5 HR).

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It is reported that, in General, for seven months of current year the minimum food basket has risen in price for able-bodied Ukrainians to 187 USD, and for the people who lost their health on 137 USD.

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