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Bear vs clown (REAL VIDEO)

Clowns are able to scare to death anyone. Clowns, as it turns out, are afraid of even wild animals. Even bears!

In Virginia a local resident who apparently had a problem with a bear, povadivshijsja to rummage in a dumpster near the house. The landlord, however, found a way to scare away the beast, to Baku, he attached a toy clown. What came out of it, you can see in the short video below. The video was recorded on 7 may 2017 on camera video of the night.

We must understand that bears are very dangerous animals, collision with which in the nature of a person can end up very sad, even to death. For example, here is another video with the bear which frightened a couple of cyclists:

However, clowns to be afraid of everything, even such dangerous predators.

Incidentally, we had previously compiled the 10 most terrifying clowns from horror movies, so please note, if overlooked.

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