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BadComedian is touting the 3D release of “Terminator 2”

The original promo came up for the Russian release of the 3D version of the famous movie “Terminator 2: judgment day” (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) distributors of the company “Volga”. Distributor released footage from VR technology – 360 degree review – a video in which the famous movie-obzorschik Runet Evgeny Bazhenov, better known as BadComedian, extols a picture by James Cameron and beckoning all to the movies.

The movie is called “terminator Eyes” and allows us, the viewers, to look at the Bazhenov would like on behalf of the robot-killers. Unfortunately, the promo is pretty short, lasts only a few moments – personally, I would prefer to watch a video in the format of reviews, which makes BadComedian and which lasts at least ten times longer.

War of the robots and humans continues. It seemed that mankind is doomed to complete destruction. But thanks to their leader John Connor, the resistance has a chance to win. Not being able to kill John in real time, robots are sent into the past with its most perfect development — the terminator, killer of molten metal capable of taking any guise. Now, to win in the future, the young John Connor must survive in the present. His chances are significantly increased when the aid comes reprogrammed resistance terminator of the previous generation. Both robots come into mortal combat, the outcome of which depends the fate of humanity.

In the Russian hire waiting for three-dimensional Terminator already today, on 24 August 2017.

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