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Back to the past: journalists showed the reality of Transnistria. Video

Назад в прошлое: журналисты показали реалии Приднестровья. ВидеоMany residents of the unrecognized Republic still live with Soviet passports.

The President of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Vadim krasnosil’tsi called the Ukrainian journalists on a tour of the Republic, but was not able to answer, whose Crimea.

“You know, the question is, whose Crimea – effect. According to the Constitution of Ukraine – is the territory of Ukraine, according to the Constitution of Russia is the territory of the Russian Federation. “- said the krasnosil’tsi.

It is noted that Ukrainian journalists wanted to show life in the country. So, on arrival the car of the journalists carefully checked. The driver said that he had examined every detail – chargers for phones, pockets and underwear.

According to him, the reviewer said that the Ukrainians, unreliable advice, therefore, is the inspection.

In the unrecognized Republic hang in the streets tricolors and Soviet symbols.

In addition, many residents still live with the Soviet passports.

“Yes, we they operate,” said one of the residents.

At the same time, about 200 thousand citizens of the unrecognized Republic are Russian citizens, as the internal documents are available only in Transnistria and Moldova.

In addition, residents claim that Ukraine also has a Transnistria – Donbass.

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