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Avakov said how many Ukrainians own weapons

Аваков рассказал, сколько украинцев владеют оружиемIn Ukraine at the hands of 1 000 0000 units registered weapons.

As of March 2017, in the hands of the population of Ukraine is about 1 million units of registered weapons.

This was announced by interior Minister Arsen Avakov in the air.

“In the hands of citizens 1 million units of various arms, which was. And uncontrollable, too much,” – said the Minister. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Thus Avakov stated that the number of crimes is growing in Ukraine, but refused to link it with the quality of police work.

“This is the total degree in the society. There is a famous theory, which do not pay attention that the level of crime depends on the level of prices of bread, wages. Of course, it depends on the war,” – said the Minister.

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