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Attention, we caught the “Dark signal”! (VIDEO)

Our legs got the first trailer and movie poster of “Dark signal”, is known that it produces itself by Neil Marshall, the Creator of “Descent” and “Dog soldiers.”

Zone Horror has reported on this project back in March of last year, accompanied by a few news clips from the film. Director and script writer of “Dark signal” was made by ed Evers-Swindell, however, Marshall’s hand, critics say, really feel:

This is evident in a number of scenes in the film, and the final tape absolute “marszalkowski” — uncompromising, brutal and bloody.

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Konstantin Yakovlev for a site Kinopoisk.

Recall synopsis:

In the Welsh valleys every rustle is heard for miles around. Mother-of Odinga Kate was in the middle of this wasteland after a night robbery went as planned, she and her boyfriend. Now Kate got lost in the woods, but here she’s not alone. Together with her vengeful spirit of the murdered girl…

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The premiere took place last year in the UK. Ratings and reviews were not too positive, but the atmosphere kind of like a movie praised. Now the “Dark signal” aimed at the United States.

The company organizes there XLrator Media theatrical release, starting on June 2. In addition, on 6 June the film will be available on iTunes and VOD platforms.

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