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ATO veterans openly talked about the Ilovaisk tragedy

Ветераны АТО откровенно рассказали об Иловайской трагедииThe military has shared a creepy detail.

Today in Ukraine remember the exit Ilovaisky boiler, which killed according to various estimates, from 300 to 900 Ukrainian soldiers, mostly volunteers from the battalion “Donbass”.

The reason for the massacre, according to the official version – a violation of the conditions of access of Ukrainian encircled that, contrary to the obligations of the Russian side, came under fire, following the “green corridor”.

From the memoirs of the fighters of the ATO, which collected the “Country” should be different: the Russians and the separatists agreed to release the encircled – but only unarmed and on foot. Must pass even small. Volunteers rejected this condition, moving ready, and on the machines. And then was attacked.

Another notable moment from the memories – is the fear of getting captured by the separatists and asking the Russians to leave prisoners at, export to Russia, and from there transfer to Ukraine.

A fresh batch of memories from the Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded under Ilovaisk in the selection of “Country”.

NATO instructors were already in 2014

Volunteers of the “Donbass” before sending to the ATO was prepared by foreign instructors, says Igor Hewko (call “Broker”) in an interview with Radio Liberty:

“Before I went to war as a volunteer, we had a month of training. He prepared us various instructors – they were veterans with NATO training, with extensive experience in foreign PMCs (not Russian), as well as combat experience in the French Foreign Legion.”

Perhaps the NATO training helped the volunteer not to die and not be captured during ilovaisky events – unlike many of his colleagues.

Negotiations with the Russians ended in nothing

Before leaving the city, Hewko was a witness of the negotiations between General Ruslan Hamakom (the commander of sector “B”) and an unknown Russian General.

“I have a picture of how the negotiations were underway, less than a mile away from our column, between by General Hamakom and a Russian General. In this photo saw the white flag indicating the negotiation process. There are Russian watch, which is guarded by Russian generals involved in the negotiations,” divided memories “donbassovets”.

When the negotiations ended, General homchak returned to the column and told about advanced enemy conditions.

“Hamakom reported that we have offered to surrender their weapons and walk. “How to surrender their weapons? “Hamakom says: “Down to pistols”. Distance from the multi player to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army, – more than 40 kilometers. We were invited to walk this distance, the infamous column! Then there was a pause. And then one of the Vice-Hacka asked him a question: “Your decision, commander?” Homchak said, “Go on break”,” – said Glauco.

According to him, the weapons of the volunteers not going to surrender, even if the General had given such an order – they knew that a prisoner with representatives dobrobatov not stand on ceremony.

Out of the ring

On the way out of the encirclement moved around 9 am. After five miles of silence, recalls Hewko, the shelling started.

“In the radio I heard a strange voice, but a clear sentence: “the Heavy equipment is gone. Remained only the battalion “Donbass”. Fire!” And from that moment began a heavy fire from all caliber, which they had, artillery, tanks, ATGM, heavy machine guns, a lot of equipment with laser sights. So every second shot was on target. Shot from two sides,” says dobrasinovic.

“Under distribution” have got not only “Donbass” there was a part of the battalion “Kherson”, part of the 39th battalion, some units of the 3rd special forces regiment.

“The enemy missed our heavy equipment not for the fact that they did release, but in order to shoot them on the route further. Just split the column – infantry shot here, and the rest of the shoot further,” says Glauco.

After the shooting in the “corridor” and a day and a half of the battle in full tactical environment, a lot of commanders killed, many soldiers were demoralized. Those who remained were wounded.

“Many men, realizing outgunned the enemy and imminent death of large numbers of wounded, decided to surrender under “word of honor of a Russian officer” – not to pass them on to the separatists,” – says the volunteer, who chose not to surrender and went across the river and under Krasnosel’skii ravine.

“We drove the enemy machine, but not Stripping tight with fire the bed of the river, where we were, we were lucky. ‘ve heard rumors, even that the crew of one of the vehicles that pulled up to the shore under which we were sitting in the reeds, suddenly forgot the battery for thermal imager. And so it happens… Then they left,” explains Glauco.

Later, the volunteer and his companions broke through to his through the forest, once you enter into combat contact with the enemy.

“Leave the weapons and equipment”

When exiting Ilovaysk many fighters from the cold wrapped in blankets, says Lyudmila Kalinina, the fighter of “Donbass” in the past – the nurse from Pavlograd.

“Around five in the morning, began the exit from Ilovaysk. Cold to stupor, all who are in it, until wrapped in the blanket of the soldiers,” Kalinina wrote in Facebook.

The “Country” bring its history uncut:

“Movement. Going on the road Grabski-Ilovaysk. Blurted out the fields, burned-out appliances. Know in the nearest green paint, separable, watch cold fear, glides on the back.

Grabski. Our guys, Mat, welcome… overgrown, tired, frozen, red from lack of sleep eyes. Going … going! Quiet. This thing is over.

Fingers grope radio, plays the Donetsk Russian pop. Someone says, Yes, let it be.

The voltage slowly decreases. Cat dreams of how to get out of ATB and to buy half of the store to eat) Masyanya, she would be in the river to plunge and swim…

Ahronomichne. Civil, often along the houses-love looking at different, but more relief (attacks, which means no more).

Mnohopillia. A huge column, why it is deployed, to meet us. A lot of war, but hard to call them such. Who, what, zamorani, overgrown … but still, in the air – Hope!”

Bloody output from the multi player

“Stood near the school, in multi player. The mass movement of heavy equipment and dodging between the saloons with the men. Acting commander of the battalion “Donbass” Filin (Colonel Vlassenko), is sent to group officers: Hamakom, Birch … negotiations with the Russian for the exit. Heard of the phrase:

– Leave weapons and equipment;

Walk the column in the Komsomol;

– Heavy strike in starobesheve, the exploration of the “Donbass” goes to the young Communist League, and storms, clearing the city, give directions to the rest;

With APU fighters was clear.

In the end, the command is:

Column movement!

Tour and owl, pass by, the head of the column.

Homchak, turning to us:

– Well, girls, we’ll get through.

Slowly move the machines forward, at the beginning of the column of heavy equipment Mat, then technique battalion “Donbass”.

Part of the column goes in the direction of the City, and the part (and we also) direction Krasnosel’skaya.

Literally after barely a kilometer, whistling mines! We’re not out with the multi player. The stop column, the run fighters – who’s in the house (well, there is dear to the heart of the cellar), who along fences and cars. Cellar, intuitively find in a few seconds, heart jumping out of my chest:

– Again, my God, the fire! How mean!?

Firing a short, Masyanya (remaining) and yells:

Order, movement! The cars!

And killed a dog at the gate…

The column went…

August 29. About ten in the morning.

The first cars on the hill. When leaving the village, on the right side the white flag on a wooden stick. Nerves, taut string, despite the cold, sweat on his forehead. For the first time I was in armor, armor door plates on the front… Not so, it is not so. Something inexplicable, eerie is in the air….

Volleys! Aiming for the column. Machine, two, five!…

– Why not steel, movement – life! – oru not knowing anyone.

The car abruptly to the left, on the field with sunflowers. Explosions, flames, fire… Negusie fighters, and in the air fly bandage….

Aiming for us… there is no way… and in my head, just thoughts:

– Lord, Lord what it is!

Head torn straight through the hood, someone’s body from the explosion in the air. Please don’t be. Again the body and the cries of the children, shouting over the explosions… now, remember, half of the body, the boy… he screamed wildly and pulled the hand… Shooting, sniper, and earned a rock have intelligence! Late Sever was quenched by Zelenka.

In the sixth, we’re not going to… Fly.

Chaos. Smoke. Fire. Cries.

Stop the car, we drove to a village…

Corn, small kitchen garden…

All of the machines for battle! – Masyanya screaming. All fell out. That’s what we need. Home. Ricks Saul. Cows. The fight and shooting everywhere…

And on the radio the mats, screaming. You can not tell who is who. Yelling about cleaning, about tanks, about the death of… the Tour never got in touch, Eighth and Achim, Porthos… live they are not and never will be. The fire in our eyes, a direct hit… And the North no exploration 2nd SHR where there, there… God forbid!

Mercedes and nine exploration near everything….

Dear God, why!”

“Medical care of the Russian officers”

You are about to exit the multi player recalls another source of Radio Liberty Sergey Mishchenko, a former medic of the battalion “Donbass”.

“That’s really interesting, you can remember this: the Russian troops, who stood near Krasnosel’skiy where we knocked them arrived there without doctors. They had their wounded. They demanded in exchange for a single prisoner Ukrainian medical care. I went to the other side, helped two wounded Russian officers. In exchange we gave our fighter. It was quite a striking moment, because before that I never much believed in the presence of Russian troops there and is rather skeptical about the fact that we are fighting it with the Russian army,” – says Mishchenko.

The next day is not the exchange, but really, the unit in which he served as the soldier surrendered to the enemy. According to him, in captivity he was doing the same – helping the seriously wounded Ukrainians. But the Russian division, which they were, as mentioned above, was without doctors and medicines – “it so happened”, according to a Russian officer.

The Russians quickly took the Ukrainians to the exchange.

“Soon we died the first wounded from gangrene … After that I started to communicate with the Russian, that is, directly, without choosing words. And we were taken to the exchange fairly quickly, the same day in the evening because they were really heavy. To maintain them I also gave to reach the final destination. I cried about the court in the Hague, even about something…” – says Mishchenko.

According to him, captured the Ukrainians gave up because of the abundance of prisoners who were non-transportable. And surrendered under the condition not to extradite them to the separatists, and to export to Russia. However, more than a hundred fighters of “Donbass” the Russians gave the same “Motorola” – they returned home after a year.

“We were taken captive under the promise, under the “honest officer, the words”, which, of course, were not kept, we will take out to Russia, as before our other parts, and then will give to Ukraine”, – said the nurse.

The output of the battalion “Peacemaker”

Not only “Donbass” was surrounded with him, among others, came out and the “Peacemaker” battalion under the command of the current MP Andrew Teteruk.

Remembers the combat, the Russians insisted on a withdrawal without arms, separately APU, separately dobrobiti. However, he Teeruk in the negotiations was not involved, and says hearsay.

“Someone said to lay down their arms, went with folded arms. For me it is not clear in principle. How was it possible to go in such a situation, as if on vacation, I don’t understand. When we started to work the mortars (and explicit zeroing), it became clear that the convoy will begin now to lay, was given the command to go,” recalls Teeruk.

The first column of the enemy missed, but the second started to “work” – on the thought of where all veterans of Ilovaysk.

Also, Tetrac confirms that with the Russians there had been “no dogovornyakov”:

“I saw a Hamakom and asked what to do next. Said, “Guys, we need to understand what to do next. I volunteer battalion commander and will not give up, I was still on the straps will cut. Define: we come to fight with detection?”. A minute later I said that no dogovornyak, we have weapons, we burst from the battle.”

Teeruk says the doctor of his battalion after leaving the environment I went to pick up the wounded Russian soldiers – and those not always given them “DNR-sheep”.

“And when my doctor Steblyuk then went and collected the wounded, he was the commander of the Russian airborne forces which, by the way, well done in the sense that it gave our prisoners “Dnrovtsam” and gave them to the wounded as a Red Cross, and supervised the export. Because “Dnrovtsy” hunt for volunteers… “.

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