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“At least 1,000 law enforcement officers”

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»

And why someone is searched 43 regional headquarters of Alexei Navalny

In all 43 regional headquarters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny searched. 41 the city’s investigative actions were held today in the morning. Two more — in Samara and Ufa — it happened the day before yesterday. “At least 1,000 members of the security forces”, according to estimates of the Federal headquarters of the Bulk, were involved in investigative activities: the searches took place at the place of residence 70 people, as well as in the headquarters. “Almost 150 simultaneous searches in 41 cities. The old-timers do not remember!” — wrote in his telegram channel Alexei Navalny.

After the search headquarters were questioned in the regional offices of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation — the case against the Fund of struggle against corruption, the laundering of funds received, according to the investigation, in a criminal way. Previously, the FCO explained that the laundering investigators called the legal procedure for converting of bitcoins.

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Victor Raspopov, 23, an employee of the headquarters in Ekaterinburgskaya Raspopova on Facebook

In the Federal headquarters of Navalny believe that the true reason for the attack — the results of last September 8, the single voting day, during which was first launched “project Smart vote”. In the framework of this project, the Federal Navalny’s campaign staff encouraged to vote so that Pro-government candidates from the “United Russia” has lost.

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Simon Kochkin, 26 years, chief of staff in Cheboksarskaya mentioned on Facebook

“Compared to 2014, United Russia lost the elections by a total of 106 mandates,” — said Leonid Volkov, adding that the share of parliamentary seats occupied by United Russia, fell more than 15%. The candidates supported by the “Smart voting,” got 145 seats, and in 369 districts took the second place.

“Obviously, if we increase the database size by half a year (a very real and attainable goal), then the next single voting day in September 2020 “United Russia” will lose control of all the regional legislatures. And in September 2021 will not be able to elect a dozen deputies to the state Duma. Today’s act of mass political repressions — a desperate attempt to prevent the implementation of this inevitable scenario,” — said Volkov.

However, according to him, the headquarters in the regions in any case will continue to work.

According to the FCO, “Smart vote” worked for 31 of the election campaign of the regional legislative Assembly or municipal Assembly of the capital region. These elections were distributed 778 seats. asked for comments in several regional offices of the TFR, but was refused.

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Evgeny Karpov, the head of staff in Belgradeserbia Karpov Vkontakte

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Alex Mezyaev, the head of staff in Cheljabinskstata Masaeva on Facebook

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Sergey Boyko, 36 years, chief of staff in Novosibirskstat Boyko Vkontakte

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Ilya Danilov, 30 years old, the head of staff in Leicestershire Daniel Vkontakte

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Olga Galimova, 27 years, chief of staff in Penetrance Golikovoj on Facebook

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Eugene Nevicare, chief of staff in Orenburgskaya of Nesecery Vkontakte

«Не менее 1000 сотрудников силовых структур»Daniel Buzanov, 24 years, the coordinator of the center in Balakovo

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