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Asteroid-cigar: unique video hit the net. Video

Астероид-сигара: уникальное видео попало в сеть. ВидеоThe video was made by scientists at NASA and posted it to the network.

Recently NASA astrophysics captured the first intergalactic asteroid cigar-shaped “Omwamwi” in the Solar system. Demo, comments posted on YouTube.

A celestial body with a length of 400 metres discovered on October 19. Team tellescope Pan-STARRS asteroid called the Hawaiian name “Omului”, which means “messenger.”

According to scientists, the asteroid has a reddish hue and a greatly elongated, making him look like a cigar. Such elongated forms have never been found among comets or asteroids of the Solar system.

NASA employees noted that “Omwamwi” changes the brightness of his glow, and makes a complete revolution around its axis in a little over seven hours. He moves at a speed of 38 miles per hour about 200 million kilometers from Earth.

In early 2019, it will leave the Solar system and fly in the direction of the constellation Pegasus. A celestial object is composed of rock and metals, is also devoid of water and ice. Its surface can get a reddish hue due to irradiation by cosmic rays for hundreds of millions of years.

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