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As Zadornov taught to hate America

Как Задорнов учил ненавидеть Америку

So, friends — today will be an interesting post about the famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov taught people to hate America and other developed countries for years pouring into the ears of his mantra, “well tupiye” and delighting the audience with their base jokes about “stupid and ridiculous Americans.” Part of what Zadornov as a major satirist of the early-mid naughties responsible for the disastrous condition of the minds of the current post-scoops — along with the propaganda film “Brother-2” he has done a lot to this.

Recipe for making aggressive dictatorships is very simple — put on the throne some Lupin and tell me every day how great he is a genius. If not Lupin, then who? No Lupin, no Russian! Russia, future, Lupin! All independent media at the same destroy — let them, people will not have alternative sources of information. In parallel, run various outreach programs, which will be taught to hate free countries and shoot films about “our Daniel” and run on stage “satirists” like Zadornov — and I assure you that in 10-15 years you’ll get a nice, beautiful and Mature dictatorial country.

So in today’s post — the story about how Zadornov taught to hate America. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

What happened to Zadornov. Soviet anti-Americanism.

Как Задорнов учил ненавидеть Америку

To understand what a place in the Sun took Zadornov and where it all came from, you need to turn to recent history. Zadornov anti-Americanism was not new, but merely continued the tradition of Soviet anti-Americanism — in the scoop has always hated and was very afraid of US, simultaneously seeking to overtake them and periodically promising to destroy.

Why is this happening? It’s all in the principles on which way the US government is antidiktatorskoy the state is inherently evil and despise any dictatorship — when some gang with fraud comes to power and retains it with the help of soldiers and propaganda. Moreover, in contrast to Europe, the country which came to this position centuries later, USA on this principle was founded. The whole history of the United States is the history of the struggle of people for freedom and maximum rights for the individual.

The Soviet Union was founded on completely opposite principles — the suppression of free will, destruction of personality, the dictatorship of the masses and the glorification of the dictator. In fact, scoop was a country the antithesis of the USA — in which a gang of usurpers seized power and kept it through propaganda. Scoops understood that in a direct comparison, they do not withstand any competition with America — and so treated their own people anti-American propaganda, pumping the people with stories about the “Decadent West” and stuffing lewymi propaganda TV shows about life in the United States.

Interestingly, the Union in this respect was absolutely not alone — any dictatorial underdeveloped Third world country extremely aggressive acts against America, monopolizing the means of broadcasting and needy people telling tales of the “Decaying States”. Accompany this anti-Americanism, as a rule, empty shelves and long queues in shops, as well as repression against dissidents.

As Zadornov taught to hate America.

Как Задорнов учил ненавидеть Америку

Now, how it all began. At the beginning of the nineties, when the Soviet Union had just collapsed, from post-Soviet Russians had no reason to hate America and Americans, the Cold war remained in the past, for televideniju were movies about life in the United States, showed educational programs like “America with Mikhail Taratuta”, the General attitude towards Americans and other countries were normal and it seemed that it always will be.

But towards the end of the nineties there has been a rematch putsch — hidden Soviet KGB agents who escaped the lustration, began to prepare to the throne of “his man” — and here it took Zadornov. Interestingly, until the late nineties, Zadornov was already quite well-known satirist who performed on fully democratic positions, and “Troll scoop”, ridiculing the planned economy and self-sufficiency.

And in the late nineties-early two thousand suddenly appeared jokes about “stupid Americans” — whether in the Zadornov suddenly hatch scoop, whether it is “gently advised” to do, to provide ethers and career growth — now to tell difficult. The fact is that the mantra “well tupiye” Zadornov with laughter over and over again, as if rejoicing that they are not as stupid as Americans.

More and more of it. Stories about “American stupidity” overgrown with new and new details — and the laws they are stupid and funny, and greasy all the polls, and the language they strange they say “nobody”, no body, and we say, “no soul”, you know? And stunned the audience like a thunder struck by that thought — that’s it! Here is what the greatness of Russia! Later on the stories about “stupid Yanks” were imposed also stories about 80.000-year history of Russia, whose antiquity hide on the DULLES plan, but which necessarily will rise, will rise from its knees and win back their ancestral territory to the Atlantic ocean. Portuguese Russia!

On an industrial scale Zadornov supplied to the TV during any celebrations like New year and other things like that. The calculation here was very good — on a full stomach and a blissful mood information to digest just fine — proved that even Ivan Pavlov, studying the reflexes in dogs. People sat at the Banquet table, drank, sang songs and rejoiced that they are not as stupid as Americans. We are still an America show! And while doing their henchmen Ukraine.

What Zadornov could not know.

Как Задорнов учил ненавидеть Америку

Now, sobstvenno, about what Zadornov could not know. Michael was a fairly educated man, and could not know that “stupid Americans” — 380 laureates for the Nobel prize (more than 10 times more than Russia/USSR put together) that “stupid Americans” — dozens of universities included in the list of best universities in the world, and the first four places in the global ranking, too, is the US University is Harvard, Stanford, mit and UC Berkeley.

Could not know Zadornov and that “stupid Americans” mass motorization occurred at the beginning of XX century, when Russia was still plowing with the plow on the goat. Cars in the US were so cheap that in the early 1920’s, the car in the US cost no more than 40% of the average wage of an American, then as a scoop 1920s the car was an incredible gimmick, and in the seventies neschasnyi “Zhiguli” cost 6 average annual salary of the Soviet person.

“Why Americans don’t play in the WHC?” asked Zadornov, and he gave the answer himself a raspy voice — “because toppie!” under the happy cackling of the plebs. A techie by education, Mikhail Zadornov could not know that in the US television appeared in 1920-ies, in 1927, the year the future President Hoover conducted its election program on television, and in the early 1940-ies in the United States was the first cable channels. Of course, there are dozens of gears, like the winner of the majority of transmissions of Soviet television was simply komuniteti Western counterparts.

Could not know Zadornov and how the lives of the American middle class — mostly in multi-room homes, with multiple cars per family. Washing machines and refrigerators in the United States appeared in the beginning of the XX century, whereas wild Soviet citizens back in the fifties, explained that “a refrigerator is a machine which works with electricity”. Here they are some stupid Americans! — screamed timony the viewer Zadornov, and to celebrate, jumped, hitting his head on a crystal chandelier in a congested one bedroom free apartment with a ceiling of 2.3 meters and a glazed balcony, the top littered with old trash.

Can continue indefinitely — telling about American wages, healthcare, social security, free food for the poor, care for the elderly, opportunities to travel (U.S. citizen can visit without a visa for 186 countries) and other things like that. Mikhail Zadornov, traveling the world (in contrast to 90% of its dark spiritual spectators), could not not know. Why he became the devil’s advocate? To this question I have no answer.

Bitten by propaganda. Instead of an epilogue.

And here Zadornov’s gone, and his ideas continue to live and to poison postsjackie of the country. “Americans are stupid!” — exclaims the average inhabitant of the shitty free Khrushchev, and immediately starts to beat the son of the losers, preparing for the hardships of military service. “America has no history!” — echoes his drinking buddy, living in the country, which was founded in 1991 and over the last hundred years three times changed its political system, the Constitution and rewrite history, simultaneously destroying millions of its own citizens. “Pindos rot!” — hear screams from inside out and shabby Russian hospitals, money for the renovation of which went to offshore and into Syria.

And all this would be ridiculous, when would not be so sad. Chauvinistic ideas continue to live, and I don’t know what to do.

Write in the comments what you think about all this. Watched Zadornov? Believed him?

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