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As the woman became a star in the Austrian capital

Как минчанка стала звездой в столице Австрии

For 15 years, the resident of Minsk Irina Tsymbal — prima ballerina of the celebrated Vienna state Opera. In an interview with the Agency “Minsk-news” she said as moved to Vienna and conquered the capital of Austria, and also shared details of life in this city.

Как минчанка стала звездой в столице Австрии


Prima suitcase

After graduating from ballet school, she accepted the offer to dance the first lead — Giselle in Riga, not intending to stay abroad. Having worked for a year in Latvia, the actress was in demand in Vilnius, then in Budapest. And from there he moved to the Austrian capital.

— The first 5 years, — says the actress — I worked with his teacher Galina Sinelnikova. Release from school, just realized that I want to become the leading ballerina, but that are not yet Mature enough. It was important for me to have a teacher who prepares and directs me. But then Galina Georgievna returned home, and went my own way. Appeared at the National theatre in Budapest, danced there for 3 years. And in 2005 I was invited to the Vienna state Opera.

— Gyula Harangozo?

Yes. He studied in Moscow, was ballet Director of the Hungarian Opera house. Having the same position in Vienna, invited me to accompany him. And I in Budapest felt very good, I had a wonderful repertoire, great relationship with colleagues. Never thought of the former Soviet bloc countries will move behind the iron curtain. In the other, in fact, the world. But it happened. I always want to learn new things, to expand the repertoire to other perspectives and experience.

Как минчанка стала звездой в столице Австрии


— And to flee not afraid?

— Of course. I belonged to myself, a suitcase with me. It is now a completely different story. Here I have a family, for which I am responsible, my husband is a pilot, works for Irish airlines. Older two sons: Lucas a little less than 3 years, Paul and there years.

— You immediately become a prima ballerina?

— I in all the theatres was the first soloist. And here as well.

Vienna really is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? Whether you settling in?

— I had heard about the beauty of Vienna. But when they arrived, the city didn’t accept me. We spent a year getting used to each other. Immediately he struck me as the aristocratic, cold, stiff, proud. But in 15 years I saw how open, good-natured, tolerant people. There was warmth, as if the veil slept.

Vienna — crowding the city center by car to reach, especially during rush hour

Как минчанка стала звездой в столице Австрии


— You live far from work?

— Yes, but close to Schonbrunn, a beautiful Park where is located the summer residence of the Habsburgs. We’re shooting an apartment there. I get to work by public transport, and fast enough. Vienna — crowding the city center by car to reach, especially during rush hour. Many ride bikes. Besides, now there are scooters that can, at any point, how to take, and leave.

But would also like to sit on the bike?

— When we entered the ballet school, we strictly told about bikes and skis to forget. But I guess it’s time to learn (laughs). All here on the weekend, families go to the Danube and God knows where else, just grace. As with skiing the Alps. Will probably have to overcome yourself for the sake of the family and to go to the instructor when the boys are a little older.

— Who looks after them when you are at work?

In Austria you can take leave to care for a child up to 2 years. In the garden giving year. Often come to help the mother in law from Spain and my parents from Minsk.

— Your theater is known worldwide as an Opera Mecca. And how popular the ballet?

10 years ago it was. Behind the scenes it was thought that this ballet at the Opera. But with the advent of a theater Director Dominique Meyer, who invited the Frenchman Manuel legree, a student of Rudolf Nureyev, to lead the ballet company, everything changed. They Duo raised the Vienna ballet on a very high level. Tickets are selling out fast, fans to the performances with great pleasure. Manuel is a world famous star and lovely ballet teacher, many hours of rehearsing with soloists and corps de ballet. It’s a real workaholic, a devotee of the profession, although demanding.

Since my boys were born one after the other, only that I was between pregnancies I managed to dance with legree at the gala concert in Tokyo. At his post, and at 55 he still dances. Such persons are born once in 100 years.

“I had to go under the knife, operated on both legs at once, in them now the screws”

Как минчанка стала звездой в столице Австрии


— Prefer classical or modern?

— Now, perhaps, the neo-classical. The first experience was “Romeo and Juliet”, had the good fortune to dance in this 20-year-old ballerina at the Bolshoi theatre of Belarus in the play elizarieva. Always thought Valentin ballet his father, felt his care throughout his studies in Minsk and grateful to him to this day.

In his youth, was very fond of the classics: “Giselle”, “Sleeping beauty”, “Swan lake”, “Nutcracker”, “don Quixote”. And lately with the pleasure of dancing, for example, in “Mayerling” McMillan, I love the Tatiana in “Onegin” by John Cranko. Pierre Lacotte we put the “La Sylphide”, like the choreography of Jiri Kylian. The repertoire is very interesting and rich.

— Already thinking about the future off the stage?

— Of course. I study by correspondence at the Moscow state Academy of choreography. A great desire to pursue a career as a dance teacher.

— Have you ever had serious injuries?

Mostly from overloading. But the most significant after which do not return to the stage, caught up with me after the “Sylphs”. Longed to make the party quiet and airy, I actually danced on their toes, as at the time, Marie Taglioni, and this unfortunately aggravated my old injury. Had to go under the knife, operated on both legs at once, in them now the screws.

Thank God, the surgeons have perfectly done your job, I’m still dancing. Now while on leave to care for a child, but in March they plan to come back.
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