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As the Russians make their way to Georgia

Как россияне пробираются в Грузию

Despite the ban on air traffic between Russia and Georgia, the Russians EN masse, sometimes in fact the trails, making their way to Georgia. For ten months of the year 2019 the number of tourists from Russia to Georgia amounted to more than 1.3 million people, 6% more in comparison with indicators of 2018.

The most popular types of travel:
1) by Plane from Moscow to Armenia on the same plane then flies to Tbilisi (12k AUD).
2) by Plane to Vladikavkaz (3000 RUB.) and then by bus to Tbilisi (800 rubles).
3) To Kaliningrad (5k rubles), then bus to gdańsk (700 rubles), and then by plane to Kutaisi (25-30 euros).
4) There is still quite extreme routes by plane via Ukraine, Qatar, Baku and Minsk.

Tourists from Russia is still going to Georgia, but instead of domestic airlines, the Russian government gave money to foreign carriers. Given the fact that the main carrier of Russia to Georgia was “Aeroflot”, which is half owned by the government, then who gets punished, apparently, clear.

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