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As Big Brother looks like on the inside

Как Большой Брат выглядит изнутри

You’ve certainly laughed at the fact that all schools will be connected to the integrated camera with face recognition under the name “Orwell”.

But you are interested about what it looks like Big Brother from the inside. I naprisylali bunch of data and evidence about how across the country for state employees and employees of large enterprises are driving the vote.

Based on this evidence we made a video view.

A big Hello to the main “observer” for Putin’s vote-zeroing Ilya Massugu, which says it is “excessive act”:

IA Law@zakon_agency



Massukh: 32 formal complaints, the excess of performers in the field – are obvious. When talking with business leaders, it turns out that no such instructions were not given. Forced to register for e-voting and subsequent reporting – a clear violation of the law



12:10 PM – Jun 15, 2020

Twitter Ads info and privacy


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Separately very interesting about Moscow. Here is some adok compulsion. Literally every employee pressed. We could not understand why?

Well, the fake elections in 2018, too, was coercion, but it’s always worked like this:

– must early to go to the polls!
– I will not go.
– personal reasons.
– okay.

But not this time. Now this doesn’t work, and that’s the key. Pretty” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>sensational documents we got from DIT Moscow.

It is now official, responsible for policy and, accordingly, for the eviction of people for registration in the electronic voting (apparently, it’s our friend Sergunina) is directly in front of the eyes of the online system, which shows him with the nearest person, what percentage of the organization’s staff complied with the order of the ruling party and the Great Leader:

Как Большой Брат выглядит изнутри

We see very well that from 12 thousand 480 employees of Mosvodokanal 89% have already been registered, but in GBU “Greening” are still 79 countries that are not in a hurry to vote on the nullification.

There is a summary table of involved citizens. This is what’s called the “refer three friends to vote”. It is seen that the Department of housing and the task is completed (done Pyotr Biryukov), but in relation to the management of GORMOST, obviously, you have some decisions to make.

Как Большой Брат выглядит изнутри

Actually, that’s why such pressure. The head of every big company knows they need not just to report “all done”. For him watching Big Brother. And knows list and the list of names of your employees and have they been registered.

Not going to put pressure on people — will be in last place. He will bring the paper: GUMCHS works poorly. The President does not like.

Как Большой Брат выглядит изнутри

Is by Muscovites and nonresident employees. Nonresident you in a separate place taking record.

The document we put” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>here, look, he’s interesting.

Obviously, with this level of control when the engineer Pete are three times a day and say, Peter, don’t lie, you are not registered, the system can’t see you, unhappy Peter and to vote will be as it should. The system sees.

A vote on the nullification is fake. If you are forced to participate in it, then nothing can be done, but drain us all the information. Tell me about what is happening to friends and acquaintances. Remember that when the evening of July 1 will be declared a “75%”, it is a lie.

Putin staged this disgraceful action at the time of the epidemic, it really hurts the country and everyone of us. Register in the “Smart vote”, do not accept Putin’s reset.


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