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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Paul Will in the teasers for the second “Viy”

In fact, the film has already changed some names and the monster down for centuries in the header no longer appears. Now the film is called “the Mystery of the seal of the dragon: a Journey to China”, although this is still the sequel “Viy 3D” Oleg Stepchenko. And a stellar cast will not go away. In the caste involved Jason Fleming, Charles Dance, Paul Will, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Rutger Hauer. The presence of Chan, Schwartz, and Will in the credits of one film gives a bit of surrealism, and Yes the Wii with this.

About the plot:

English traveler Jonathan green receives from Peter the Commission to produce the maps of the Russian Far East. He again got a long journey full of adventures that will lead him to China. The cartographer will face a lot of dizzying discoveries, unexpected encounters with strange creatures, Chinese princesses, the masters of the deadly martial arts and by the Lung-Wang, King of all dragons. What could be more dangerous than to see the eyes of the Wii? Is that to seeing him again. That this time will be stronger — an unwavering skepticism of a scientist or ancient black magic has long seized power in the Eastern lands?

Company Russian Film Group exclusive of the site Vkontakte puts fresh rolls from the “Travel in China”. There will be three, by far the two already on the Network, Zone Horror in a hurry to share them.

The first teaser is slightly puzzling: it is precisely the “Wii 2”, but not advertising of crackers? Pavel Volya as an actor, to put it mildly, is not impressive. But in the second video appear Jackie Chan with Iron Arnie! It is Petrukhin, producer and screenwriter, who among other things said that the full trailer is already preparing. Wait.

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