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Apple went on trial for the slowdown in iPhone

Recently Apple has admitted deliberately slow its old IPhones, and it immediately flew for it: it is the same day as filed, but later a day was ready the second lawsuit. Against Tim cook made two US residents and analysts believe that this is the beginning.

In fact, Apple has deceived the whole world by slowing down your old iPhone in order to force their owners to hurry to spend more money and buy a new mobile phone, that is, of course, the new iPhone. Of course, Apple tried to make excuses, saying that doing so with the goal of extending the life of the smartphones, because there is degradation of the battery, and everything like that, but we all know how Apple is still on their loyal fans. In the end currently have two lawsuits that have already submitted, and which contain a considerable amount of compensation for moral damage.

Apple does not intend to remove from the iOS line of code responsible for the slowdown of the processor in the iPhone so lawsuits will soon be in times or even ten times more. This is the second embarrassment for Apple last month, and how many fakapov she had this year – just do not count: bad red iPhone 7 and iOS problem 11, and leaky MacOS, and so much more, for example, low-quality iPhone screen X, burn and periodically issuing green stripes that are impossible to remove.

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