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Apple sued over burned because of the iPhone home

На Apple подали в суд за сгоревший из-за iPhone домApple has yet to respond to the claim.

American named Xay Thao from Wisconsin and her insurance company State Farmподала filed a lawsuit against Apple for the fact that because of a defect iPhone 4s burned down her house.

All it requires compensation in the amount of $75 000. The lawsuit States that the cause of the fire was a short circuit and overheating of the iPhone battery. According to the statement, the smartphone was installed, the factory battery. The complaint is repeated that the production, manufacture and sale of the iPhone 4s “creates a dangerous situation”.

“1 April 2016 iPhone led to the fire in the house of Tao. Preliminary studies indicate significant overheating in the area of iPhone battery and short circuit – internal failure, which led to spontaneous combustion of the battery.”

Apple has yet to respond to the claim.

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