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Apple copied the design of the iPhone 8 with the very first iPhone

Everyone already knows that this year will be a jubilee iPhone, known now under the name Apple iPhone 8. Today it became known that no one will develop for it a new look – the design is copied from the first IPhone presented by Steve jobs.

Of course, this is just a rumor, but it would be very interesting to see how will look the first iPhone with a modern twist. This year marks the mobile phone 8 and the new iPhone 8, again according to rumors, will be frameless and even besknopochnogo – Home key under the screen will be replaced by its virtual counterpart, and dactyloscopy will also be built directly into the display.

To give the Apple iPhone 8 additional similarities with the first iPhone, which if you remember was very thick and rounded, the back of the cell phone will be covered with some kind of special “three-dimensional glass-material” sources. Due to him and will be recreated the thickness of the body, in this case illusory. In other words, new Apple iPhone 8 touch will be thinner than it looks. The exact date of announcement of the phone is not assigned – it can show in the spring or early summer on the show WWDC 2017, and if in September along with Apple iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Anyway, we can expect something really interesting.

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