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Any unknown diseases of a man under arrest is a “fail” state

Любые непонятные заболевания человека под арестом — это «фейл» государства

Very weird (if not creepy) story with Navalny. “Taken from prison to a hospital because of Allergy attack”. Sounds like some nonsense. First, I somehow still never heard that the Bulk of the allergies. Has anyone heard? Basically, allergies are such a vile thing that she had always seen, especially if the person is public and always visible. Yes, the same bots with the “farm” propaganda probably would not ever sucked the fact that “the leader of the opposition” suffers from an incurable (and Allergy — this is an incurable) disease!

Secondly, some may be allergic in jail. What? On the soup? In prison air? But Navalny again sitting 3-4 times a year for many years, “prison — native home”. Long would have shown up if I was allergic to something there. However, because nothing happened! And what could be? Flashed a message about “hives”, that is, itching and skin rashes. Is that — is there water added?

And most importantly — we know our prisons. Well this is what forces must attack that took straight to the hospital? Magnitsky, as we recall, even during an acute attack of cholecystitis nowhere to take did not, and died of shock, is also in jail. And suddenly — the hospital. Then there was the real threat to the life, I suppose — otherwise there would not be bothered.

But to create allergic attacks in people who have NO allergies — it’s, you know, we must try. It must be some very specific “craftsmen” — more precisely, torturers. Bashirova companions stopped to let abroad, and they are now in the country side work take?

In General, to poison the people under arrest is already full of frostbite. After the arrest, among other things, means that for the life of the person fully assumes the responsibility of the state. And any strange “disease” the person under arrest is a fail state, a sign of CHAOS. From any point of view — though “statesman”, though an anarchist.

Very bad it all smells. Like extrajudicial punishment.

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