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Another diabolical box in the Russian trailer of the slasher QUEST

Amazing. Before the Russian hire sometimes do not get a really good indie horror flick (“the Witch”, “the Green room” or, for example, risks to pass “Experiment Belko”), but consistently on the big screens in our area gets something gray, secondary and unconvincing.

It is likely that second category, along with such “masterpieces” as “Ghosts Eloise” or “Ghost house Briar”, you can include the horror-Thriller Director and screenwriter Peter Dukes Quest (Escape Room). No, of course, a certain claim to originality in the synopsis of the film can be traced…

Bris in despair. He is the owner of an unprofitable quest “exit the room”, this house of horror has lost its former luster and Bris drowning in debt. He needs to add more awesome props, in search of which he went to the store of antiquities, and acquired there a box in the shape of the skull, not paying attention to the warning, saying that it hides a demonic entity.

…but the localized trailer for “Quest” is just lame. He, for example, demonstrates the voice acting type “you will not speak, but her character you still don’t get”.

Initially, the distributors had planned to release “Quest” in Russia 27 APR 2017. In the trailer sounds date April 20, and according to Kinopoisk, the Russian premiere of the film postponed by as much as 7 Sep. So it is likely the video above is not the final version of the trailer, so that, God willing, at least the voice acting comrades distributors will be corrected.

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