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Anne rice and David George. Rocks – the winners of the “vampire” award

Recently, we reported on the winners of the main literary prize of the English – language horror Bram Stoker Awards. The results were remarkable including the fact that most of the nominees and winners of the domestic reader is not too familiar. Russian publishers are not too please us with new works of horror authors from the West. King, hill, koontz, little in quantity, but others give by teaspoonful. However, the “Masters of horror” can fix the situation, what we all believe. But for now let’s look at what happens in other genre or colorantului premiums, who is now in the favorites. Today let’s talk about the bloodsuckers.

In late March awarded the winners of the “vampire” award in the name of Lord Ruthven (Lord Ruthven Award). It is presented annually in Orlando at the Convention ICFA in two main categories (fiction and journalism). Ruthven, whose name and received the prize, is considered the first vampire in English literature. The character invented by George. Gordon Byron, and used (in the story “the Vampire”) John Polidori.

This year the winners were the authors that I know and read in Russian. “Judaica” prize took Anne rice with the next novel of the series “the Vampire Chronicles” “Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis”. This is a relative fresh content, which in Russian have not yet been published. Given the popularity of Granny Ann from our readers, and the fact that it works decided to shoot a series, publishing a new novel in Russia – a matter of time.

In nonfiction category was won David j. The rocks from the documentary the book of Bram Stoker’s “Something in the Blood: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker, the Man Who Wrote Dracula”. We have the author known for kinoprokatu “the Book of horror. The history of the horror movie”, which gathered mixed reviews, but their portion of attention received. By the way, “Something in the Blood” was nominated for another award and Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan PoE. Apparently, really pay attention to it.

Also awarding a special prize (production, pop culture) noted podcast “The Vampire Historian”. This nomination introduced in 2003, although given the award since 1989. Early in the additional category noted only movies, but time does not stand still, and that the turn of the podcasts to come.

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