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Android devices will attack the new virus

Устройства Android атакует новый вирусThe contamination affected Android smartphones in dozens of countries.

Anti-virus company Doctor Web announces the distribution of new BankBot virus program that attacks Android smartphones.

This is reported by the developers of Dr. Web in his blog.

Victims of the virus were Android users in dozens of countries, including Ukraine and Russia.

Virus Android.BankBot.211.origin forces users to grant it access accessibility (Accessibility Service). Further, the virus begins to manage mobile devices and assigns the private information of customers of financial institutions.

A dangerous virus spreads as the application, such as Adobe’s Flash Player. The user installs the app and the virus begins to act — Android.BankBot.211.origin shows the window with the request that each time you close it it appears again and does not work with the device. The virus may display fake Windows to log in to Internet banking, payment systems and the Google Play store.

Moreover, the virus can steal usernames, passwords and other information that the user enters on the websites of the authorization.

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