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And the prize for the most stupid localization of the year goes to…

Russian distributors are sometimes inscrutable. We seem to have become accustomed to the fact that they can take the original title and its stupid not to translate (for example, “Sinister”), but hell, I’ll never understand why take a GOOD original name and change it to something unpalatable.

So distributors All Media did to the Irish horror movie Nails. Original title can (and should) be translated as “Nails” because this nickname is local sinister Ghost, which has really long dirty nogotochki on the arms and legs. At worst would probably just be, “Nails”, yet it is also a proper name.

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But in cinemas in Russia, as written by our friends and colleagues from the site Rosarossa don’t get “Neylz” and not “Nails”, and “the Curse Hopewell”!

I want to ask the guys from All Media what you rename it achieved? I could go to the cinema to horror “Nails”, but for the next dull-stamping “curse curse”, and even in relation to a dull sounding Hopewell – doubt…

Well, that is what it is. Watch the Russian trailer and console ourselves with the synopsis:

Dana Milgrom — a professional racer who got in a terrible car accident. When he awoke in the hospital, the woman discovers that she is completely paralyzed and unable even to talk and breathe. But breathing and voice program woes don’t end there — in her room inhabited by an evil spirit Neylz. Nobody believes Dana, even my husband is convinced of her mental instability. The woman desperately tries to convince doctors and family that this Ghost is real and wants to kill her.

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Russian premiere will take place as planned on 30 November 2017.

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