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“American horror story: Cult”: the first video!

Last night at Comic-Con in San Diego, it was announced that the seventh season of the popular horror TV series FOX will be entitled “American horror story”: the Cult” (American Horror Story: Cult). In addition, became known some details of the plot, and in the network appeared the first promo video.

And everywhere you bloody clowns!

If you remember, last week it became known that the series will be back the clown Get from the “freak show”, and now the impression is that a painted Joker will be much greater. At least in the video there’s a whole sect!

In addition, a couple of days ago came another short vidosik. In it we not only show the sinister guy in a clown mask, but filled balloons, and this is an obvious nod to Stephen king, and probably a reference to the new film adaptation of “It”.

However, to draw any conclusions from this video is not worth it, for he released the Latin division of the FOX and the creators of the show to him have no relationship.

Well, according to the official promotional nothing is unclear. Okay, in the fall we will have another “Cult”, but who are there? What you mean blue hair? Why the clowns? How is it connected with the presidential election?!

Showrunner Ryan Murphy promises that soon all will become clear. While he indicated some of the details:

The seventh season will be the hardest for Evan Peters.
The name of the character Evan Peters — Kai.
Sarah Paulson plays Ellie.
The season will consist of 11 episodes.
Location? Michigan.

Well, we are waiting for details and new promotional materials. “American horror story: Cult” will appear to their adherents 5 September 2017.

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