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AMC launches the series on the book Cronenberg’s “Consumed”!

A couple of years ago a horror legend and perhaps the “father” directions “body horror” David Cronenberg made a successful debut in new quality, as the author of novels. Now AMC is not averse to turn the book Cronenberg’s “Used” (Consumed) in the TV series.

Showrunner of the TV series “Fear the walking dead” Dave Erickson joins forces with the Executive producer of the series “Lucifer” Sheri Elwood in the new project, the Director who can make himself Cronenberg.

In 2015 in the Area of Horror has been published review of the novel in which the author described the book this way:

The main characters of the book – the journalists Naomi and Nathan Matt spetsializiruyutsya on controversial topics. Naomi Seberg tries to unravel the mystery of the brutal murder of Celestine Arostegui, wife of the famous French philosopher, Aristide’s Arostegi, the author of such books as “science-fiction money, Apocalyptic consumerism: a user’s guide” and “the division of labour: Marxist horror” (an obvious reference to Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir). The Celestine dismembered and partially eaten. Naomi searches for Aristide in Japan and remains at his home to interview him and write an article. At this time Nathan met with the famous at the time, Dr. Royfe, opened one of the rare venereal disease (which the hapless journalist has time to get infected). Dr. Nathan offers to write with him a book about his life. The result is two stories intersect unexpectedly….

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