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Amazing and creepy insect caught on video

The network is gaining popularity video from Indonesia, where you can see a very unusual insect that looks like… a butterfly with great hairy tentacles. Cthulhu Fhtagn, you say?

In the review, which has already gained more than 40 thousand users Facebook horrified and speculate:

OH GOD, IT’S A REAL DEMON!What’s it like to Wake up in the morning and feel like this thing is crawling at you in the face?Burn this crap, I got goosebumps from one of its kind!They say it came from the depths of hell. Get ready, the end is near.

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And experts meanwhile say that on the screen there is a moth Creatonotos gangisliving in South-East Asia and Australia. And weird “tentacles” are actually olfactory organs and are used to attract a partner. Here is such a “pick-up-monster”. Well, Australia has long been famous for the abundance of all sorts of creepy insects, and this is no exception!

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