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Always blame those who broke the era

Всегда виноваты те, кто переломил эпоху

28 years ago, completed the project “USSR”. The Union dissolved. But no one cried. Was wondering how to feed a family with empty shelves, and with mixed feelings of fear and hope was supposed to go to the market. Over time, however, nostalgia for the Soviet Union appeared. Here’s the paradox: many years later regretted, what not spared in the time of loss!

This is actually certainly not longing for the real Soviet Union. And not even the longing for our youth. This explanation would be too simple. I have more complex.

I think it’s nostalgia for those dreams we had in youth and, of course, was not true. Since then it seemed that we all still ahead, and the future will be more interesting present. And today is no future… Or, say softer, it is, but it’s hard to imagine it radically different than the present. And when evoke memories of the young, then raise the person, hoping year, so in about 2020 to achieve happiness, peace and prosperity. But when you think about who you really are, realize that neither the first nor the second, nor the third not achieved.

It turns out, for many nostalgic people of the former Soviet Union better than Russia today because it was still possible to hope for the best. But now it is impossible. And there’s gotta be someone who’s responsible for it. People must be responsible for our unrealized dreams.

Normally it is someone close (“you scoundrel, you have ruined my youth!”). Or force majeure (“and all the damn vodka!”). Or a special way of Russia (“well, what can be achieved in a country of fools?”). And sometimes foreigners and other internal enemies.

But if we are not in a normal situation, and at the turn of the eras, I always blame those who through the ages have broken. In this case, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Gaidar. Many people think that if not for changes in the country, today they still would have been happy with those illusions, which the play thirty years ago… And that in itself is an illusion. Although somewhat strange.

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