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Almost 90 thousand iPhone 6S respond in UAE

Почти 90 тысяч iPhone 6S отзываются в ОАЭThe cause of the battery defect which prevents normal operation of gadgets.

Apple withdraws in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is almost 90 thousand iPhone 6S in connection with a defect battery, which interferes with gadgets.

The publication refers to the message of the Ministry of economy of the UAE, where it is stated that the manufacturer sent a letter describing the nature of the problem and the date of issue of defective phones. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is noted that the marriage of the batteries does not cause ignition of gadgets, and does not create potentially dangerous precedents.

It is known that under the category of defective subject to the smartphones that were released in September-October 2015 in China. Their replacement at a special Apple program was launched in November of 2016.

Currently, the refund is also available in any authorized service center. To check this you need to enter the serial number of the device on the manufacturer’s website.

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