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Alina Vitukhnovskiy: about Sobchak, Zelensky and Russian PEN club

Алина Витухновская: об  Собчак, Зеленском и русском ПЕН-клубе

I believe that this information should be publicly announced, and such criminal Scam is stopped.

Alina Alexandrovna Vitukhnovskiy — poet, novelist, social activist, winner of the literary scholarship of the Alfred Toepfer (Germany) (1996). Winner of the “NG” — non-conformism in the category “non-conformism is destiny” (2010). The former candidate for President of Russia in the elections-2018.

Алина Витухновская: об  Собчак, Зеленском и русском ПЕН-клубе

About what is happening, the attitude of the writer to the processes in contemporary society, says Alina Vitukhnovskiy for our readers.

Alina, how can you comment on the interview Sobchak with the controversial Director Lars von Trier?

— Finally constipation modern engine, the Kremlin continues to builds its expansive plans not only in economic and political spheres but also in cultural. Appointed to the role of verbosity, mediator and promoter of the infamous Ksenia Sobchak. And here already cunning representative krasnokamenskogo menagerie pike darted to the ugly duckling of world cinema.

Agent cultural influence of the Council of deputies — Sobchak — interviews with the controversial Director Lars von Trier. I have to say, the choice of the curators of the Kremlin fell on not a very good person, primarily because von Trier, though a brilliant Director, has already become a hostage of the genre. The story of his public humiliation in Cannes severely limited its impact on the audience. On the other hand, this choice proved to be very predictable, as a successful and popular Western culture worker is unlikely in General to cooperate with the KGB emissaries.

In addition to purely cultural moments in the interview clearly, there was information about the participation of Russian businessman Leonid Ogarev, President of GC “Cesar Satellite”, co-producer of the film “the House that Jack built” and the project “Breaking the waves: Diamond”, which under the name of von Trier creates artificial diamonds, inspired by his paintings. Simply put, we are dealing with investments of the Kremlin foreign capital in cultural projects, which have not yet been sanctioned.

I believe that this information should be publicly announced, and such criminal Scam is stopped. I am absolutely sure of the financial condition of genius, and even more for his soul. Since Sobchak had offered him extreme Russia — as a place of tranquil old age, and artistic self-assertion, positioning her in particular, and as a country free of political correctness (!). But actually Sobchak wanted to use as a painful weakness of the human being, in his own words, under the influence of 14 (!) different medications, making him extremely vulnerable to suggestion or let’s face it — recruitment. Not to mention the fact that moving to the pathologically criminal, corrupt Putin’s Russia under the direct guise of the criminal regime, would finally put an end to public reputation, von Trier, and so badly damaged the Cannes scandal, and may simply be struck Dane in the history of world cinema.

I also want to mention a funny episode of conversations, visiting cultural of storewize Sobchak with the disgraced kinomaster when she, without a moment’s hesitation, with its cheap pathos of the Soviet lack of wide leg smuggled a jar of caviar, and transmits it to the shaking of the hand of Lars, which, it is absolutely practical and in a European calmly removes the gift in the refrigerator. And something tells me that old Fox, even taking a meal, leave with a nose this tricky, but in General, stupid guest.

Alina, You are always very precisely estimated political processes in the Kremlin. Now, in Your opinion, is worthy of attention and what is the sequence of events in the corridors of power?

Under the pressure of sanctions of the world community forced the Kremlin to seek a way out of them as arranged by the crisis. A hunted animal-selects the state of the two territories as two legs, caught in a trap — what to eat? Most likely, this paw will be the Donbass. Because the Crimea is not only a naval base but also as a symbol of “achievements” of the current Russian government, a total fetish to which she clung with a death grip.

Not so long ago, came the belated news that Vladislav Surkov as curator of law enforcement agencies and the occupation administrations in the Donbass, was fired and replaced by a more flexible, recently recalled from Minsk Mikhail Babich.

This means that in the near future, the probability of the beginning of the negotiation process for the return of the occupied Eastern Ukraine regions. But one should not be deluded, for there is also possible that Putin’s Russia just wants to gain time for the period of completion of the “Nord stream 2”, i.e. at least until the end of this year, and then will continue to spread their pernicious economic and political influence on Europe through gas blackmail of Ukraine.

Alina, I have to ask about Your attitude to the President of Ukraine — Vladimir Zelensky. When the party Zelensky announces libertarianism as the core of his ideology, it is important to understand this message.

As I just wrote in the 21st century, ideology has ceased to be the aspect and under the ideology of today is meant not more than conventional public consensus on several major issues.

Put — “We are libertarians”, Zelensky has in mind — “We are glamorous, appropriate, fashionable, we progressives, we love it!”

Alina, what’s new in the Russian PEN-club?

I have long, more precisely in October 2018 came out of the Russian PEN center. Yes, I am a long time member of the Russian PEN Center, which I was grateful for the protection and support during your process. Now I want to bring some clarity to outside observers that happens to a writer-human rights activities in Russia.

PEN-Center before the start of the revanchist Putin’s rule was democratic, liberal and freedom-loving organization, the spirit of which was the late Alexander Tkachenko, poet and Director of Foam. The changes that took place with the writing community didn’t happen instantly. First, there was adopted the Pro-government graphomaniac Sergei Shargunov, then the rhetoric of Foam became more cautious, and after she did zografoula towards ohranitelskimi discourse.

The apotheosis of this transformation was the application of the “Asset of the Russian PEN-Centre”, which became a reaction to the report published by the PAN-om Moscow (the new organization that emerged as a liberal alternative to the old PEN-Center, moreover, adopted in the international PEN Club) “…about the aggressive pressure on freedom of speech in Russia”. This statement in the spirit of public denunciation and soaked in the propaganda poison of the “Russian world”.

In connection with the above, I left the PEN, this dark abode of loyalists and opportunism. Sorry that part of the Russian writers forgot the dignity of his profession, preferring it to the dubious status of court lackeys of the word.

Alina, on behalf of our reader, thank You for your time, Your attitude and honesty, which many have already abandoned in favor of a piece from the master’s table. I wish You health and prosperity!


Valery Rozanov

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