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“Aeroflot” did not compensate for the death of the cats during the flight, but pays the broken carrier

«Аэрофлот» не стал компенсировать гибель котов при перелете, но оплатит разбитую переноску

Aeroflot refused to pay compensation to the owner of the cats who died in the flights of this airline. Informed their landlord reported that two cats were killed due to careless transportation- owner gave in broken carrying of animals which subsequently died from internal injuries. The airline agreed to refund the cost of the pet, without acknowledging guilt for the deaths of cats.

Zookurier Maxim Chumachenko in January, drove from new York to Sofia with a stopover in Moscow several cats breed American color-point. Two animals he took into the cabin, two checked. Another cat Chumachenko sent on another flight with a stopover in Bulgaria.

At Sheremetyevo, he received animals from broken Luggage carriers. One cat died in the plane during your next flight, the other at a veterinary clinic in Sofia, told the telegram-channel Baza. The third cat is flying without an owner through Bulgaria, received severe frostbite.

“Aeroflot” declared that this “incident is in the area of responsibility of the company “Sheremetyevo Handling”” it is the movers broke the carrier. Then the airline said that the investigation did not prove the death of the animals. “Information about the alleged death of two animals and frostbite of the third, according to the materials of the investigation, his confirmation is not found”, — have informed in “Aeroflot”, the letter from which Chumachenko has published on his page in Facebook. It says that when unloading from a transport tape accidentally fell one container. But the connection between this case and the death of the cat in “Aeroflot” did not see. About another of the deceased and the injured animal was not mentioned.

The next day, the airline offered to pay 3 thousand rubles per one broken carrier, and to return the 75 dollars (5,5 thousand roubles), which were paid for excess baggage.

Chumachenko had asked the interior Ministry, but they refused to initiate a criminal case. Therefore, the state Duma Committee on ecology, the man sent a request to the Prosecutor General. The refusal was reversed. Now the owner of the cats has decided to bring to the court a criminal case under article of the criminal code on animal cruelty. He also gathers information about similar cases with Aeroflot. Chumachenko intends to seek dismissal of all employees who was involved in the death of the cats, until the CEO of the company. Received financial compensation, he promised to give to charity.

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